Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Azucar, How I MIss Thee...

Okay, so it's what, day 14 of Lent?
Even with my cheat days--which for the record started off as the weekend and have somehow morphed into Fridays after work--at night I crave the sweet goodness of refined white sugar. Hmmmm. Just writing it out makes my teeth yearn for some saccharine goodness.

Can I say for the record, there are way too many foods that have added sugar in them. One of the big ones being Bread! Friggin bread has sugar in it. Do you know in turn how many things have bread in it? EVERYTHING.

I probably go through 7 or 8 sticks of gum (sugar-free mind you) a day. Sure, my health and weight are probably benefiting from all this but I'm probably gonna have some serious jaw issues once this is over.

Sigh. End random rant.

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